June 24th, 2008

Runoff Primary Election Results

for the NC House 67th district race as they become available:

Unofficial Results

23 of 23 Stanly County Precincts Reporting

Kenny Furr 41.78% with 981 votes

Justin Burr 58.22% with 1367 votes

(Entire 67th District)

Tune in to Local News with Leon Warren Wednesday Morning June 25th for more information


Below are results from the Primary Election Results in May. 

Primary Election Night May 6th, 2008 Results - Stanly County Results Only.

Results will be posted to this site as they become available.  Results will first be aired on Radio Stations WSPC at 1010AM and WZKY 1580AM. 

You may listen online to WSPC by clicking here and to WZKY by clicking here.

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Unofficial Results of contested races only - Stanly County Results only:

23 of 23 Precincts Reporting


Race  -  Percentage of Votes - Predicted Winners in BOLD & Italics

67th District NC House (Stanly County Only)

Kenny Furr           30%                                                     Statewide Results:     Kenny Furr        33%

Nalin Mehta         33%                                                                                          Nalin Mehta       30%

Justin Burr           37%                                                                                          Justin Burr         37%

NC Senate 25th District

Bill Purcell                        68%

Betty Blue Gholston        32%

Stanly County Commissioner (Republican Primary)

Ron Crawley               19%

Tony Dennis               30%

Lester Galloway        14%

Jann Lowder              26%

Matthew Swain         12%

Stanly County 1/4 cent sales tax referendum

For                        34%

Against                66%


Stanly County Register of Deeds

Suzanne Lowder      68%

Tanya Barbee          32%


Stanly County Results for Governor (Democrat)

Ruchard Moore       42%

Bev Perdue             54%


Stanly County Results for Governor (Republican)

Pat McCrory      76%

Fred Smith         17%

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