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Radio uses the power of the spoken word to create emotion during the buying process.  It has been said that 85% of all buying decisions are emotional.  Radio is the only local medium that can effectively communicate using the power of emotions!

Our radio stations travel with you in the car, which is the last point of impact before a purchase. The newspaper can't do that.

Radio sells for you because it uses word of mouth with emotions and feelings while a Newspaper or direct mail piece can only provide a listing.

One in 5 people either cannot read or read well. You do not have to be able to read in order to listen to the radio.

It's easy for people to miss your ad all together in a newspaper or direct mail, they are not looking for it, but when your ad is on the radio, it's the total focus of our programming, you get heard.

The average time a person spends reading the newspaper is less than 10 minutes per day. The average time spent listening to the radio is almost 3 hours.

So, there's no other choice!  The most effective way to get your message out and make your cash register ring more often is 1010AM WSPC and AM Stereo 1580 WZKY.  Call 704-983-1580 today and put the power of the spoken word to work for you!


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